How do you take care of a pitcher plant

How do you take care of a pitcher plant

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How do you take care of a pitcher plant?" "Um, you open the jar, you water it every couple days, and you check the inside for nasties." "Right." "But this can't be the same pitcher plant, 'cause this was taken over a year ago." " Mm-hmm." " Yeah." "So I don't know what's changed." "I just wish I had a clue as to what's causing him to be sick." "Wait, so, you were in the subway with Spencer, but you didn't notice the driver vomiting?" "Yeah." "I guess it's 'cause I was too busy laughing about the rat." "How long did you guys take off?" "The whole way." "It was, like, fun." "A whole weekend away from school?" "Mm." "Are you like friends with Spencer or something?" "He's my ex." "But, um, yeah." "We're, like, BFFs." "There are so many things I could talk to you about." "Why?" "Because the only thing you ever want to talk about is how you and Mr. Marin ruined the theater program." "This is way bigger than a stupid theater program, okay?" "It's about whether or not anyone thinks I'm special." "Yeah, so, I do need to know what's going on, but not at the cost of what I think." "Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?" "Yeah, exactly." "I mean, I just spent four years in your office, waiting to hear that I made it." "And I'm just telling you because, you know, maybe you're not hearing me." "It's because you're not making me feel like I'm the same person that I was before." "Well, then how are you supposed to know that when we're making out, you'll only think about your long-dead boyfriend, not what it was like in my arms?" "I'm gonna tell the doctor to call you back." "Okay." "Hey, I went by that bank you wanted me to visit." "It's gone." "No." "The realtor who showed it to me found it." "She's gonna bring it by the house this afternoon." "Well, then I'm gonna have to call you back." "What was that about?" "I have no idea." "Pitcher's full of nasties." "Well, good." "At least now we know that's the problem." "Wait, wait." "You're not gonna puke again, are you?" "No, no." "I got rid of the urge." "Thank you." "Well, that's all there is to it." "If I was treating a dozen patients, we'd be done, but with just one..." "We?" "Unless you want to be my one and only patient." "No." "What I mean was, uh..." "I mean, I think it would be nice to have someone to treat." "Oh, wow." " You think so, too?" " Yeah." "I'm flattered." "So, will you treat me?" "Excuse me?" "My car's down the street." "Will you drive me to the bank?" "We're doctors." "We'll use our medical license to coerce people into doing things." "Fine." "But you do know that people are gonna call you "doctor" for the rest of your life, right?" "Yeah, I do." "Then what's the problem?" "You're a medical student, are you not?" "I mean, I assume you're not walking around going, "oh, my gosh, I'm a doctor."" "Maybe some doctors do that, but, uh, I'm not one of them." "Okay." "Let's just take it nice and slow, so no one calls me "doctor."" "Fine." "I won't call you "doctor."" "How's that?" "I mean, we're probably gonna see each other again, right?" "That's why you asked me to come with you to the bank, so we can develop our relationship?" " Yeah." "Okay." " Yeah." "So let's just use that to our advantage." "So you think it's our relationship." "This is my first date with an adult, so what do you want me to do?" "Well, just take it slow." "No, no, no." "Okay, what?" "Didn't you say I was the first person you told?" "Yes." "And I said it was confidential." "So I'm supposed to not use that?" "I'm not supposed to use the confidential part?" "You can use whatever you want." "You don't have to say anything." "You know what?" "You're a very weird lady." " No, I'm not." " You're weird." "I'm sorry I called you that." "I think you're, uh, overreacting." "You think I'm overreacting?" "Yeah." "You're the one who said we can't date." "I was just trying to use that as an opportunity to get to know you better, and now I'm sitting here with you in my car, but you're not even being nice to me." "I'm sorry." "I-I'm, I'm not trying to be mean." "No, it's okay." "It's okay." "That's okay." "We'll figure something out." "I'm sorry." "There is something wrong with me." "No, there's nothing wrong with you." "No, I'm... you're very nice, and I'm not always so nice to people." "And you're weird." "I'm weird." "It's my fault." "I'm a weirdo." "Well, that's true, but we're both weirdos, so..." "You know what I mean." "I know what you mean." "Why am I here?" "Because you wanted me to drive you to the bank." "Okay." "But I'm so not a doctor." "How'd that happen?" "It was the first

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