Ornamental horticulture book pdf

Ornamental horticulture book pdf

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Ornamental horticulture book pdf

I need a design that fits into the PDF that I want to convert. This is the first time I'm doing this and I don't really know where to start. As you can see, I have a picture in the middle that shows my idea.

I want this thing to have a text in between the design that says.

"My mom had a garden full of these. A single garden with all kinds of vegetables. Some exotic, others plain. I'd pick these vegetables, put them in the jar, and bring them home to cook.

I used to have a collection of these but in one single night, I forgot where I was and everything just disappeared."

This picture: [url removed, login to view] would be my starting point and everything after that. I need this design to be in color, and to have a nice typography that is easy to read.

Can you give me some advice on where to start? I'm new to this kind of thing.

We will also be designing a cover for the book. I'm working on something but i want to use it as an inspiration for your design, not make the cover 100% same (since it's too expensive if i need to redo it and i will be hiring someone else to do it, and of course if i have to pay to redo it i will have to do it again, since i didn't do it the first time.). So it's kind of a mix of both projects but i'm not sure how much i can change it.

The book cover: [url removed, login to view]

We need:

1) Title of the book, which we can use in the name of the PDF

2) "My mom had a garden full of these." "A single garden with all kinds of vegetables." part of the book

I will give you more info when you respond.

Thank you!



[url removed, login to view]

• 3 years experience in Graphic Design, UI/UX• I'm responsible for the UX in our web/software development projects• Graphic designing is just my way of life• I'm also a photographer and video-editor by profession

We will be able to provide further details and instructions once you send me the details. We look forward to receiving your work.

Note: My wife will be my only assistant for these kind of jobs since she is able to draw on Photoshop and Corel Draw. But if you are doing high-end projects and need assistance with that I will be glad to help with it.

The first thing that I noticed is the need for a new logo. You will need to take a look at this logo and make it better by using different techniques. Also, I did not understand the purpose of the white text.

1. Need to create a logo for a website in an "easy" language with a text that matches the logo (fonts, colors, etc.).

2. This is a template and if it is possible to adapt the design for each client, it will be possible.


We are looking for a nice icon for a logo (website and facebook cover).

The logo must be in vector format, and ideally it should be in AI, and PDF format.

The first thing that I noticed is the need for a new logo. You will need to take a look at this logo and make it better by using different techniques. Also, I did not understand the purpose of the white text.

For the first phase, we need only to create a first iteration of the logo (white text, colored background) with different sizes, shapes, fonts, etc...

In your proposal please write "BUL" (for BULogin).

- I will attach a small pdf file which could be useful. (BUL LOGO - 1.0)


I'm a bit confused about the project which i would like to see a little bit of your opinion.

Basically, i want to create a web site with a logo, so far, i'm thinking about that it must be something related with some social media sites, or maybe some type of site where people could make their "selfies". So it would be a type of site that people share their photos/selfies.

The logo will be like that (picture attached):

There are two colors in the logo, so i'm thinking to create something using only the blue color (in the picture attached, the blue color is on the lower left side, the top right is the transparent part).

Here are the colors that i'm going to use for the logo:

First Phase

* Blue

Second Phase

* Transparent

* Green

* Light Orange

I will create the logo first and then i'll work the second phase. So the first stage will be the creation of the logo in the two colors, then i'll start the second phase.

The logo, in this phase, will be attached.

About the second phase: I would like to make something "lighter", this is not a very technical thing, but it would be something like a light color for the background, or something like that. I don't know if i'm understanding well the idea of this competition, but i really like the idea, and i would like to do something similar for this.I would like to get back to you, if you could give me some advice or some kind of suggestion.

I do not know what is the point of having the green and light orange, but i would like to see them in the logo and you can use them if you want. I think it would look good if the logo was more blue, but i can be wrong.

This is what i think could be a "light version" of the logo:

I will change the font and the color of the text in the second phase, so you will get something like this in the end:

I've uploaded the file because i'm not sure if this is the right place to upload it. I also wanted to upload the logo that i've done before, but i think it won't work because the size of the image.

The second phase: I can modify colors if i want, and i can add extra shapes or something like that, i'll post the logo that i will make and you can make some advices and ideas.

I'm interested too and it's always nice to see other people's work, so if you could point me to where you got those 2 icons and how you made the logo, that would be great, because i don't want to steal it.

Hi! I've designed the logo for my new team, I have two different versions of the logo: Light and Dark. I have included a link to my profile here so you can check out my work

If you can give me some ideas of what you like in my work, I'd be happy to check out yours too and see if I can incorporate some of the ideas that I get from yours.

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