Landscape design firms south florida

Landscape design firms south florida

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At TurfTim Landscape and Design, we specialize in creating sustainable outdoor spaces through innovative and eco-conscious design concepts and elements. The focus is on designing eye-catching architecture by cultivating native plants and implementing rare and unusual plants as focal points and accents— all to your exacting standards. Our designs typically include a mix of softscape, hardscape, and outdoor living spaces. Whatever your vision is, our experienced team of designers can bring it to life. We also offer maintenance services and treat your outdoor spaces like your indoor spaces.

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The Hottest Landscape Design in West Palm Beach

Skilled design through understanding and experiencing one's craft and its local specifics and nuances. With so many businesses struggling in the face of everything going on in , Metis Design is truly blessed to Hello dear friends of Metis Design!

It is with overwhelming joy that I let you know baby Aurelea Grace arrived on Good morning! We had 3 couples for dinner last night and your ears should have been burning. They were in love with the circular fire pit!!! Each couple shared a chair, because we all wanted to sit there under the palms eating appetizers and drinking wine.

The tile is beautiful, rock formation is creative and chairs are the perfect size and look. It took years to formulate the idea, but girls we did it! Thank you both for your patience, diligence and creative thinking. We have the backyard we hoped for! Margie and I really love the ideas and creativity that you have brought to the design of our pool and landscape.

You are helping make our forever home incredibly special. I am happy to give you my thoughts on Metis, and specifically Kristin. As background I have built several homes in South Florida. These have all been for my personal use. It has been my experience that most landscapers are to be blunt pretty average. I think this is especially true in Florida where every property looks the same. This however is not true of the properties, and pools designed by Kristin. My current project is one acre bordered on three sides by preserve, and slopping from front to rear.

My wife and I wanted to create a natural environment that would attract birds. We also did not want the typical Florida look of palm trees, and bird of paradise plants over every foot. What Kristin has created exceeded our desires.

She totally understood our wishes, and created a plan that, while incorporating the beauty of natural Florida growth, is beautiful and unique. She is creative, and totally knows her materials. In addition, she is a smart business person. We had to deal with an HOA that was problematic when it came to certain design issues. Kristin was able to explain the landscape plan, and show the board how it was in keeping with the regulations. It is because of her skillful negotiations that we were able to get just what we wanted.

Over all the years of building in Florida, Chicago, and Colorado I have not met a better, more creative landscape architect. Also, she is a delight to work with. The garden project install is complete! A beautiful renovation of a client property in Wildcat Run. A special Thank you to Kristin Jeannin. Owner of Metis Design for her awesome design talent. Thank you so very much for all of your fantastic help, you are so talented!

I appreciate how quickly you helped me and hope we can move forward soon! She understands the operations ends of our business and also the management end. So excited! Thank you Kristin Jeannin. Services Working With You. Awards Metis Awards and Press Releases.

Project Graphics Design Work Snapshots. Request a free Consultation. Opening a New Office and Expanding the Team! August 5,Metis Design brings home 3 Sand Dollar Awards! October 14,Client and Professional Feedback. North Naples Client. Kristin, Margie and I really love the ideas and creativity that you have brought to the design of our pool and landscape.

Kristin, Thank you so very much for all of your fantastic help, you are so talented! My best to you, Mary.

Mary Home Owner. Fiddler Creek Resident Home Owner.

Architects in Miami: 50 Top Architecture Firms in Miami

Rob Dinsmore discovered his love for creating landscape plans when he took a semester off during college and worked at a landscape company in Stuart. He joined the firm in and is now one of six principals. The firm was previously known as Urban Design Kilday Studios. Dinsmore finds that he sometimes must explain that being a landscape architect goes way beyond selecting plants. Professional licensed landscape architects create master plans and design such outdoor spaces as parks, gardens, college campuses, golf courses and shopping centers and other public spaces and plan the locations of buildings, roads, walkways, parking, shrubs and trees within those environments. The facility completed in needed additional parking and as that expansion was underway, its director Sarah Marmion said she would like to see more character in the landscaping in the waterfront area.

Aug 21, - Innovative Landscape Architecture and Landscape Design Solutions, The Firm's projects extend beyond South Florida, both nationally and.

Willingham Landscape Design

Florida-Friendly landscapes may incorporate both native and non-native plants. Learn how you can have a beautiful landscape that could save you time, energy and money while protecting our future. Water can come from rain, or from irrigation. Over-watering creates shallow roots, making plants more vulnerable to disease and pests, as well as to drought. Water at the Right Time of Day Water early in the day, especially in warmer weather, when evaporation rates are lowest. In the region, year-round landscape irrigation conservation measures limiting landscape irrigation are in effect. Some local communities have additional local water restrictions. You should adapt your watering to fit these limits on landscape irrigation.

KWD Landscape Architecture

Whether you need a beautiful landscape for your business or a peaceful green area around your pool, Plant Professionals is the company to call. From the design stage to the installation through the maintenance phase, Plant Professionals takes care of all the details. Rutter and Drotar bring experience in interior plant sales, landscaping, design, and a passion for holiday decorating. They know how to turn your home or commercial environment into a private paradise where you can escape the noise and stress of day to day life. The Plant Professionals team can also design space for entertaining if you want to create a comfortable area for guests.

A noted South Florida landscape architectural firm has teamed up with Pelican Island Audubon Society and Indian River County to design a native plant garden that will be installed at the entrance to the main county administration building.

Landscape Design jobs in South Florida, FL

Landscape Architecture prepares students for research and practice while focusing on the analysis, planning, design, and management of the natural and built environment of tropical and subtropical landscapes. Our goal is to educate individuals who can serve and lead the community in the enhancement of the quality of life through the meaningful, equitable, aesthetic, and sustainable design of the physical environment. The Master of Landscape Architecture design curriculum includes a number of study abroad options. Students may spend a semester at our campus in Genoa, Italy, and may attend our two-week study travel program at the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. Our design studios frequently include a travel component, and in recent years students have traveled to Panama, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and New Mexico. The Paul L.

We design, install,

It is the legislative intent that architects who fall below minimum competency or who otherwise present a danger to the public shall be prohibited from practicing in this state. The Legislature further finds that it is in the interest of the public to limit the practice of interior design to interior designers or architects who have the design education and training required by this part or to persons who are exempted from the provisions of this part. These services include planning, providing preliminary study designs, drawings and specifications, job-site inspection, and administration of construction contracts. Each townhouse shall be considered a separate building and shall be separated from adjoining townhouses by the use of separate exterior walls meeting the requirements for zero clearance from property lines as required by the type of construction and fire protection requirements; or shall be separated by a party wall; or may be separated by a single wall meeting the following requirements: a Such wall shall provide not less than 2 hours of fire resistance.Plumbing, piping, ducts, or electrical or other building services shall not be installed within or through the 2-hour wall unless such materials and methods of penetration have been tested in accordance with the Standard Building Code. As used in this subsection, "architectural and engineering interior construction relating to the building systems" includes, but is not limited to, construction of structural, mechanical, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, ventilating, electrical, or vertical transportation systems, or construction which materially affects lifesafety systems pertaining to firesafety protection such as fire-rated separations between interior spaces, fire-rated vertical shafts in multistory structures, fire-rated protection of structural elements, smoke evacuation and compartmentalization, emergency ingress or egress systems, and emergency alarm systems. The board shall consist of 11 members. Five members must be registered architects who have been engaged in the practice of architecture for at least 5 years; three members must be registered interior designers who have been offering interior design services for at least 5 years and who are not also registered architects; and three members must be laypersons who are not, and have never been, architects, interior designers, or members of any closely related profession or occupation.

TurfTim Landscape and Design Company is focused on providing high quality South Florida landscapes have a unique set of requirements that when properly.

Landscape Design

We come out to your home and design the yard of your dreams. We handle the entire project from start to finish. We handle the entire installation of your dream yard from start to finish. We make it easy to maintain and keep your yard looking beautiful.

We are a team of landscape architects who are committed to reimagining the natural world. Our philosophy is a simple one: design with sensitivity. Through profound care and an unyielding passion to execute innovative and sustainable designs, we have left a wildly beautiful footprint on the international community and our home here in South Florida. Years of Excellence. In , Andrew Witkin made a promise to design with care and champion the natural world through innovative, thought-provoking landscape architecture. This is a vision that he has nurtured relentlessly and bestowed upon our amazing team of landscape architects.

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Many homeowners who attempt to design their own landscape projects find themselves disappointed only a few years later. Even the slightest alternations to plants or gardens can expose horticulture to the adverse weather prevalent in South Florida. Professional design experts are able to implement landscape design plans that pay dividends long-term. Results that last. We combine extensive experience in commercial and residential landscaping with a focus on creating outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and highly functional. Increase your curb appeal with professional landscaping services in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

The founder, a south Florida native, works primarily with residential clients in Sarasota, Vero Beach and Naples, creating exceptional landscapes to complete their home environment. Our focus is contemporary and modern homes as well as Mediterranean and historic structures. Tim began his professional career in his hometown of Ft.