Surface design landscape architecture

Surface design landscape architecture

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Surface design landscape architecture in Louisville, Louisville, and Southern Indiana

Interior design – Louisville &, Southern Indiana

WKDO’s roots date back to the 1920s, but we have expanded our services over the past 50 years to include space planning, project and value evaluation, design, construction and maintenance. The success of WKDO has been and continues to be the team approach that sets us apart in the industry.

Industrial Service – Kentucky

We are your Industrial Facility project experts. We service all of Central, Eastern, Western Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and the Midwest. From drawings to complete construction of large scale industrial projects, WKDO is your turnkey solution.

Brick – Materials

Brick design – Louisville

In today’s brick industry, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the products that are presented by many brick production companies. We understand that in order to be a successful and recognized producer of quality products, we need to differentiate ourselves with specialized product development, production procedures and construction technologies.

Cement Products – Materials

We have the expertise in place to support you with any of your construction or restoration needs. Whether you are planning, designing, building, or renovating a building we can help.

Falling and fasteners – Materials

Since 1989, Walnut &, Kingdom has provided a large variety of falling and fastening supplies in Louisville, Kentucky. We specialize in providing everything you need to fall a building and fasten it safely.

Wood – Building Materials

Here at Walnut &, Kingdom we are your wood suppliers and well as your full service wood supplier. We will be the resource for all your commercial and residential wood construction needs.

Quality Construction

Quality home and commercial construction is in our DNA. We are your in-house resource for the construction needs of Louisville, Kentucky and the greater Midwest. You will enjoy a solid foundation, a quality roof, high quality windows, doors, cabinets and counter tops, and many more quality items from a reliable manufacturer who you know is invested in your home.

Presence, integrity, and clear communications are the values that the WKDO family values. For more than 50 years, WKDO has been meeting the requirements of the

commercial and residential design, building, and construction needs of customers in the surrounding areas of Southern Indiana, the Kentucky and Ohio regions.

Whether you need Industrial Facility design, building or other services, WKDO can assist you with your unique and special design needs.

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The Kentucky Designers Network (KDN) is a free, central information source for architects, designers, engineers, planners, contractors and home improvement enthusiasts. It was created by architects and designers across Kentucky to share knowledge and resources. In order to find local professionals you can trust, architects and designers can search for the companies and professionals who have earned the Certified Kentucky Designer designation.

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