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In an attempt to fulfill this vision, the Government of Odisha has implemented the ServicePlus platform of NIC to provide services to citizens. A citizen can apply for a Service through following ways: Online - Citizen can apply for a service online by registering Once only. After registration username and password can be generated. Click on Login link and use username and password to access the application form.

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  • Modifications in the Operational Guidelines for the Schemes of National Horticulture Board
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Community College of Baltimore County

Agriculture and Natural Resources. Do you enjoy working with plants and animals? WCC prepares students for careers in producing, processing, distributing, financing, and marketing agricultural products. Learn More. Architecture and Construction. Interested in designing, planning, managing, building, and maintaining structures? WCC offers students the knowledge and skills they need for careers in architecture, construction, and related fields.

Do you love to use artistic creativity on the job? Do you want to learn a new creative hobby or skill? WCC offers a variety of programs for you.

Business, Management, and Administration. Are you entrepreneurial? Do you like to plan and organize activities? WCC prepares students for careers in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating essential business functions.

Education and Training. Do you enjoy teaching others? WCC can prepare you for a career in the education sector. Do you like working with numbers? Do you want to help people plan for their financial futures? WCC prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need to work in the finance industry. Government and Public Administration.

Does the idea of protecting our country appeal to you? Are you interested in government and politics? Health Science. Do you enjoy helping other people feel better? Would you like to work in a hospital or other medical facility? Hospitality, Food Preparation, and Tourism.

Do you like to cook or bake? Would you like to work in a hotel or in a restaurant? WCC can prepare you for a career in the hospitality and tourism sector. Human Services. Do you like to help people solve problems? Would you like to connect people with the assistance they need?

WCC offers a variety of programs for students who want to enrich and make life easier for others. Information Technology. Do you like technology? Do you enjoy working with computer hardware, software, multimedia, or network systems? WCC can help you begin or further your career in the information technology industry. Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security. Do you like to help protect other people's safety?

Do you want to help enforce the law? WCC prepares students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, security, and related fields. Do you like to design and make things? Are you comfortable working with machines?

WCC offers instruction in the automation, computer, electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineering fields. Do you like to sell products or services? Are you friendly and outgoing? WCC can help you exercise your creativity, learn the marketing process, and enhance your public speaking skills.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Do you like science or math? Do you enjoy solving problems? WCC has programs for you. Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics. Does the idea of fixing vehicles appeal to you? WCC offers instruction in repairing, servicing, and maintaining all types of automobiles, diesel engines, and heavy-duty equipment. Transfer Programs. Interested in transferring to a 4-year college or university?

Explore WCC's transfer programs and opportunities. Continuing Education Courses. Finish High School. Jump-start your workplace and college preparation by taking college courses, tuition-free, while still in high school!

WCC offers a broad program of financial aid to students, including scholarships, grants, and more. Your success is our priority. Need help with coursework? Visit the Academic Support Center.

Stressed or overwhelmed? Access free, confidential personal counseling. Visit one of our campus food pantries. Trouble with technology? Read our how-to guides or submit a help desk ticket.Need special accommodations or modifications? Looking for a ride to class? Find a commute partner or check the WTA shuttle schedule. Need emergency financial assistance?

Undecided in career or program? Job searching? Career Services is here to help. Concerned about a student? Reach out to our CARE team.

Their kindness and generosity have touched the lives of many within the community and beyond. Fifteen Wilkes Community College health sciences students are being honored as recipients of the Gertrude Elliott Health Sciences Scholarship for the school year.

The scholarship is open to all health sciences students. New Students. Current Students. You may be eligible for free tuition! All Programs. Course Catalog. Course Schedule. Take credits that will transfer to a four-year institution! Get Started. We offer a range of continuing education courses tailored to meet your needs and interests.

Upcoming Courses. All Student Resources. Want to get more involved on campus? Check out our clubs and student activities. WCC News. More WCC News. WCC Calendar. Go to Top.


Are you interested in the latest horticultural insights and want to develop your horticulture sector further? This course gives access to world leading Dutch knowledge organisations and private companies from the horticulture sector. It provides an interactive approach to strengthen your capacities and to translate the gained knowledge and skills into value for your organisation and the sector as a whole. The course covers the complete horticulture value chain, including fruit, vegetable and ornamental subsectors, and both greenhouse as well as open field production. Relevant examples from the Dutch sector will be demonstrated. Field visits and excursions are part of the programme. To course details.

Duration, 5 weeks / 24 hrs per week. Scholarships, Yes. Scholarship, Application September / October. Course Format, Online. Credits, Certificate.

Fleming College

We offer multiple opportunities each year for Commercial Pesticide Applicators to renew their licenses. Commercial Pesticide Licenses expire every two years on JuneDo you have a well? Do you know what's in your water? Through the Virginia Household Water Quality Program, we offer an opportunity for affordable water testing, help interpreting water test results, and information about addressing problems. Want to learn more about gardening? Check out our many opportunities offered to the public. Click on the titles below for more information.

Modifications in the Operational Guidelines for the Schemes of National Horticulture Board

Take your love of plants and turn it into a career. The Horticulture Certificate provides students with the foundational science behind maintaining plants and their environment. Founded in by world-renowned botanist Dr. Mildred E.

UK, remember your settings and improve government services.

Telephone Directory

The complex of monuments and temples, all in a uniform architectural style. It is also known as the Turkish Gateway. The site is near Allahabad, India. It holds the distinction of being the highest gateway of not only India, rather the whole of the world. Functionaries Miscelleneous Contact Us. Uttar Pradesh : Apex Bodies and Departments.

About the event

Unprecedented demand for nursery stock as amenity and design demand strengthens: five leading growers comment. Stay signed in. Forgotten password? These trees and shrubs grow to a range of different heights and produce distinctive foliage in many colours, Sally Drury finds. The health benefits of raspberries make these very popular plants an ideal choice for retailers, according to Sally Drury. Jonathan Whittemore, head of production and procurement at Johnsons of Whixley, speaks out about the cost of Brexit for growers.

Duration, 5 weeks / 24 hrs per week. Scholarships, Yes. Scholarship, Application September / October. Course Format, Online. Credits, Certificate.

New Updates

Telephone Directory. Complaint Against Caste Discrimination. Study Material Status. Study Material Catalogue.

Most read stories at Horticulture Week in 2021

For Inquiry Call: ,Hills cover major part of Uttarakhand State. For myriad reasons, agriculture in hill region of the State has been at subsistence level. However, horticulture and forestry are the two major sectors that hold enormous potential for sustainable growth. The Notification No. Ajeet kumar karnatak.

Tenders at PAU. PAU Endowment Fund.

1800 425 7910(Toll free)

This event has already been finished. Please contact DSBP to receive the report of this event. Zuid-Holland Province and Rotterdam have created a joint pavilion at the Expo. This seminar will have a live-stream and interaction possibilities for online participants, and a live location in the Flower Expo Hotel in Shanghai Chongming.We will discuss the innovative and practical application of Sino-Dutch advanced protected agriculture and floriculture technology, equipment and production to jointly faciliate the green development of Shanghai.

Release of Exhibits: Sunday 9 a. Do I need to count my vegetables or fruit? If it says 5, 12 etc. Also, the book tells you if you need to top, leave roots on, etc.

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