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Petunia: it is timeless

Petunia: it is timeless

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The petunia is a pretty flower that blooms from spring until the first frost.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Petunia, surfinia
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Annual

: 15 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sun, partial shade and shade
Ground : Rather rich

Flowering : Summer

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Maintenance, from planting to flowering, is easy and the decorative effect is guaranteed! (Photo © Feng Yu)

Planting the petunia well

Whether you have sown your petunias or bought young plants in a garden center, planting in their final medium is important to have a beautiful and long flowering.

  • It is recommended plant petunias in spring, after all risk of frost.
  • The petunia likes sunny situations.
  • If it is very hot in your area, choose the half shade.
  • In all cases, avoid areas that are too windy because he fears wind and drafts.

Petunia in bed:

The petunia bed is decorative and allows you to create beautiful spots of color in the garden. His rapid development allows you to have a good density.

  • Mix the soil in the garden with potting soil.
  • Allow about 4 to 5 feet per m2.
  • The more petunias there are in your bed, the more successful the decorative effect will be

Petunia in pot, tray and planter:

Petunias are most often seen in planters, containers and pots, and for good reason, they are one of the flowers best suited to growing in pots.

  • If they are bought in a bucket, mix the soil with potting soil.
    or use only potting soil as this promotes flowering and plant development.
  • The drooping petunia is ideal for trays and suspensions but also toborders and ground cover.
  • Choose a suspension potting soil, much lighter, because it alone is suitable for this type of planting.

Petunias seedlings

This is the easiest and most common way to propagate petunia.

  • Prefer a seedling in terrine inside the house from February.
  • Simply squeeze the seeds to stick them to the “special seedling” potting soil without covering them.
  • Water regularly, but not excessively to retain moisture.
  • When the first leaves come out, transplant them in a cup and wait until the end of any frost before placing them outside.

Petunia maintenance

Once properly installed in the garden or in its planter, the petunia is very easy to maintain.

Simply remove the wilted flowers over time to encourage the appearance of new flowers.

Control the weeds that grow at the base of the petunia.

Watering and fertilizer in petunia:

During hot weather, do not hesitate to water in the evening to prevent your petunias from drying out.

  • Petunias need regular watering, especially in containers, planters and hanging baskets.
  • Avoid drowning the roots because he doesn't like it either.
  • Make sure it is not going to rain before you water
  • The petunia will never be as beautiful as if you bring it somefertilizer for flowering plants once a week.

Petunia diseases:

Petunias are fairly resistant to most diseases, but they can be prone to aphid attacks and slug appetites.

  • Find our tips for controlling aphids

To know about the petunia

Native to South America, petunias are semi-hardy annuals. They offer a beautiful and long flowering of early spring until autumn.

They like it sunthere and one fertile land well drained.

We find petunias in beds, borders and rockeries. They are very beautiful spots of color.

A lot of suspensions also welcome petunias.

This flower lends itself perfectly to suspensions because its foliage and its flowers fall on the sides in cascade.

Large groups of petunias:

There are different groups of petunias depending on the size of the flowers and their habit.

  • Small flowers with thepetunia milliflora
  • The petunia milliflora medium-flowered
  • Very large flowers with thepetunia grandiflora
  • Finally, the drooping petunia, ideal for hanging or as a ground cover

Smart tip

Flower your garden, balcony or terrace with petunias for a colorful result!

Timeless, the petunia is one of the great classics to adorn our planters and flower beds.

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