How to germinate a nucleus?

How to germinate a nucleus?

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Who hasn't ended up with a pit in their hands, and struck by a flash of genius, planted it to germinate? Rather than throwing it away, it's worth a try!

Discover our tips for germinating a pit or a seed.

Germination of seeds and stones

Nature is well made. Plants contain their own seeds in the heart of their fruit. The latter fall to the ground, decompose and thus let the seeds and stones penetrate there. Thus, a small seedling will appear and try its luck in the plant world. If you have your own fruit trees or eat store-bought fruit, do not hesitate to imitate Mother Nature by sinking your pits and seeds in soil. With any luck you will see young shoots developing and you can grow your own fruit !

A random result

Keep in mind that the result may vary from kernel to kernel. This is also what makes the magic of germination, this surprise on arrival! However, remember to choose your stones according to the fruits you want to taste next. Some varieties are more suitable for jam, others for pies or eaten fresh. Choose organic and old varieties that vary less from one germination to another.

Sprout an avocado stone

The avocado stone germinates quite easily and creates a plant with pretty lanceolate green leaves.

  1. Clean the kernel to remove any meat residue.
  2. Place 3-4 toothpicks on either side of the pit.
  3. Using the toothpicks, place the pit on top of a container filled with water. It must have half submerged.
  4. Change the water 3-4 times a week to avoid bacteria.
  5. After several weeks, the first layer falls off and small roots appear.
  6. Once the roots are out, place your pit in the soil, leaving the top half protruding.
  7. Keep moist until a little sprout appears.

You will have to wait a little longer to see your avocado tree take shape.

Sprout an apricot kernel

To germinate, the pits first need to undergo a cold snap called: vernalization. Either wait until winter to put the seeds outside, or use the refrigerator.

  1. Clean your pits by removing all the flesh.
  2. Place them in a box filled with sand and potting soil, pushing them in a few centimeters
  3. Moisten the substrate
  4. Leave your box outside all winter or place it in the fridge for two months
  5. Then take it out to a sunny and warm place (protected from frost)
  6. Keep the substrate moist until germination

A little more patience before feasting on your first apricots!

Growing a lychee seed

  1. Thoroughly remove the flesh of the lychee which tends to stick to the stone, to do this, let it soak for 48 hours in lukewarm water
  2. Line the bottom of a pot with clay balls and cover with a mixture of potting soil and sand
  3. Push in the core so as to keep the point up
  4. Water abundantly and let the water run out before putting the saucer back on
  5. Place the pot in a warm and sunny place, near a window for example
  6. Keep the substrate moist at all times, it should not dry out until germination
  7. It takes between two weeks and a month for the nucleus to germinate, as soon as the plant has a few leaves, grow it like any houseplant.

Growing a cherry stone

Each year we feast on these sweet and fragrant berries. It didn't take long for us to eat a lot of them and have a whole lot of stones! If some in the bottom of the heating pads, you can also plant them to have a new cherry tree.

  1. Clean and brush the small cores
  2. Place them in a damp paper towel
  3. Put them in the fridge and wait until germination, about a good month
  4. When the seeds start to sprout, plant them directly in the ground, a few centimeters deep.

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