What plants by the pool?

What plants by the pool?

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To get away from it all, color the garden or dress the pool, the plants by the pool play an important role. We avoid deciduous foliage and messy fruits in favor of persistent, fragrant and flowery plants. Discover a selection of plants for the surroundings of your swimming pool!

Tropical plants for an exotic style

The garden becomes exotic and reflects a holiday atmosphere! No need to go to the other side of the world when your garden takes you on a journey. Then bet on an exotic atmosphere with plants with large glossy leaves, bold and colorful flowers. Palm trees, stars of the tropical style, will go wonderfully with your turquoise swimming pool. Some species such as Trachycarpus fortunei are resistant to -15 ° C. You can then plant it near the pond, both in pots and in the ground.

Serve it with a banana tree! Musja basjoo withstands temperatures down to -12 ° C. It works wonders in a bed accompanied by ferns, mahonia and bamboo. With these prominent foliage, there is no doubt that your garden will be imbued with exotic notes.

Mediterranean atmosphere

The singing cicadas, the sun, the sea… But also, the gray and aromatic foliage, the colorful flowers and the citrus fruits. The Mediterranean style offers gardens where life is good. The sea is then replaced by a swimming pool with a dark blue liner, accompanied by plants. Plant an olive tree near your pond, its evergreen leaves are unlikely to fall into the water and decorate all year round.

For maximum color, fall for a bougainvillea whose pink, orange, yellow or white bracts cover the shrub throughout the summer. This chilly plant will be cultivated in pots in the driest regions. To create Mediterranean massifs, mix lavender, thyme, rosemary, oleander, plumbago ... Add an orange tree and a lemon tree in a pot and you will believe yourself in the heart of Provence!

Flower beds of perennials

A flower bed at the edge of a swimming pool is possible! As long as you follow a few rules. Keep a space of 1.50-2m between the bed and the pool to prevent plant residues from falling into the water. It is advisable to put a mineral mulch at the foot of the plants to prevent the earth from ending up in the water, carried by the wind. Then choose flowering perennials that stay put. In the shade, choose hostas, heucheras, marie hearts, perennial geraniums or bergenias. In the sun, combine echinacea, gauras, acanthus and nepetas. To vary the textures, add some grasses like pennisetum and stipas.

Structured pots

Have you built a large terrace around your swimming pool? You can totally invest this space for a lazy summer.

Between the deckchairs and parasols, plant pot plants! Think of associating cautious species that you will return in winter and more rustic, which will stay outside. For example, thePhormium, a large perennial with green, yellow, red or purple stems. Tolerant down to - ° C, it should be stored before the first frosts. Associate this colorful perennial with sure values ​​such as a ball boxwood, or an orange tree from Mexico, a beautiful evergreen shrub with a rounded silhouette.

A blackout hedge

Do you want to swim in peace? Then opt for a persistent hedge that will hide you from prying eyes.

To do this, nothing could be simpler, just plant persistent shrubs such as privet, laurel, cypress, thuja or pittosporum. They will require a bit of pruning to keep a neat shape. But you will fully enjoy your pool without worrying about the neighbors!

The elegance of white flowers

Roses are among the ideal plants by the pool. Indeed, planted in numbers, they have an effect wow from the end of spring. By choosing fragrant species, you can then bathe enjoying their musky and sweet scent. To create a beautiful massif, opt for species with a bushy habit. Dwarf varieties are ideal for forming a beautiful, dense and flowery ground cover.

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