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Marjoram: benefits and virtues

Marjoram: benefits and virtues

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Marjoram or origanum majorana (garden oregano) is a perennial aromatic plant that forms a compact tuft 60 cm high.

It is a medicinal plant that offers many benefits and virtues for our health.

Marjoram belongs to the Lamiaceae family, it is native to southern Europe and the Middle East and is cultivated in our latitudes as an annual.

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Marjoram and its health benefits

- Marjoram is an excellent antiseptic, both internal and external.

- It is also a very good antispasmodic: marjoram is used in cases of bad digestion of nervous origin, colic, flatulence.

- Do you suffer from migraines or do you have tics on your face? The marjoram will be beneficial!

- Marjoram acts on the sympathetic nervous system, it is recommended against insomnia and anxiety.

- Rheumatic pains, stiff necks and sciatica are greatly relieved by marjoram.

- Marjoram is also tonic, sudorific and diuretic.

Did you know ?

> Internal use:

Marjoram infusion : 40 grams of leaves and fresh flowers per liter of water (ten times less if they are dried). Let steep for 10 minutes and drink 3 to 4 cups per day between meals, plus one at bedtime in case of insomnia. A true delight !

Marjoram infusion is ideal for stomach problems.

> External use:

Marjoram oil : you can prepare it with 250 grams of cut plant in a liter of olive oil. Put everything in a boiling water bath for an hour. Pass. Rub the painful places. It is also found to be excellent against colds.

Toxicity of marjoram:

The essential oil that is distilled from the plant should not be ingested.

Growing marjoram for its benefits

Marjoram will thrive in any good, well-cultivated garden soil and in a rather sunny, fairly warm exposure.

In temperate or warm climates it is cultivated like a perennial.

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Plant marjoram in a pot?

Marjoram behaves beautifully in a pot. Choose a planter that you fill with good, supple and fresh soil: the yield will be excellent!

Species and varieties of marjoram

We only cultivate the original form. Be careful not to confuse marjoram with oregano, origanum vulgare, a less fragrant perennial plant.

Tip about marjoram:

Marjoram coexists very well with rosebushes, it even protects it from numerous parasites as an insecticide, against which it exerts a repellent action.

Marjoram in the kitchen

Marjoram leaves perfume with their slightly smoky flavor dishes in sauce, but also soups, marinades or even pizzas.

Gourmet idea:

If you like fish, you could try the marjoram marinated swordfish. A real treat !

Some synonyms of "marjoram" to shine in society ...

We also call marjoram "large oregano", "shell marjoram" or "officinal marjoram".

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