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Red fruits for summer

Red fruits for summer

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Raspberries, black currants, currants: to ensure a berry harvest next summer, plant in the fall.

Children adore them, they allow you to concoct delicious jams: red fruits are a must in the garden! Purchased bare-rooted, raspberries, blackcurrants andgooseberries are planted from November to March, outside the frost period. These shrubs appreciate cool, well-drained soils, with a preference for acidic soils which is explained by their mountain origin (limestone soils should be avoided).

Place them in loosened soil, in the sun or in partial shade, after having shortened and praline the roots, soaking them in a mixture of soil and water which will facilitate recovery. The graft point should be a few centimeters above the ground. Leave one meter of space between each plant.

Caring for red fruits

Every winter, in January or February, when it is not freezing, prune the branches of your blackcurrants and gooseberries with 3 or 4 eyes. The size of raspberries depends on their variety.

If these are uplifting raspberries, giving fruit twice in early and late summer, prune the tips of the branches in winter.

For those that do not come back, cut off all the dry branches and those that have given fruit at ground level in the fall.

Pruning small fruit shrubs helps stimulate branching. About ten branches allow good production. After a few years, remove the old branches (three years and more) which produce less to favor the new ones.

It is advisable to train raspberries to prevent their branches from getting tangled. You can train them as a fan against a wall or in a “V” between two wires.

The varieties of red fruits

The many varieties of fruit offer a wide range of tastes. It's up to you to choose between gooseberries or the classics.

Among the latter, "Junifer" is a rustic variety which produces large fruits, "Versaillaise" gives red or white currants. As far as raspberries are concerned, try very productive “September”, or “Fall Gold” with yellow fruits. Add some cassissiers - "Blackdown" for example - for your jams or the preparation of delicious sorbets.

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