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Birch: a very beautiful ornamental tree

Birch: a very beautiful ornamental tree

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Birch is a beautiful ornamental tree, well known for its highly decorative white bark.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Betula
Family: Betulaceae
Height: 10 to 20m


Spring - Foliage: Lapsed

Planting, pruning and caring for birch contributes to the proper development of the tree throughout the seasons.

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Birch plantation

Prefer a plantation in autumn in order to promote rooting before the resumption the following spring.

Purchased in a pot or container, you can plant it all year round, outside of periods of frost and hot weather.
In this case, take care to water regularly at the beginning, especially in summer.

  • Birch appreciates sunny situations but tolerates partial shade well.
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Birch pruning and maintenance

The birch is pruned in the fall or winter, when the tree is in vegetative rest and has therefore lost all of its leaves.

If you plant a birch in a small garden, be careful because it reaches more than 10 m in height and as much in width ...

There are also varieties of dwarf birch which are very suitable for small gardens and therefore will not need to be pruned.

All you need to know about birch

Birch (and not boulot ...) is well known for its bark white, smooth and shiny, its small colored leaves of light green hues in spring and yellow in autumn.

Its roots are shallow and tend to spread more widely.

It is part of the large Betulaceae family and grows on most soils, which are often poor. Birch is a tree that stands multiplies very easily to the point of finding him in many wastelands as one of the first to settle there.

It is usually planted in groups of 3 to 5 plants in order to give light, but also when a rapid growth is desired (the birch reaches its adult size fairly quickly).

Finally, note that birch has a fairly short life expectancy with regard to trees in general. Thus, its lifespan goes from 30 to 100 years approximately depending on the conditions in which he lives.

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Species and varieties of birch trees

There are a large number of species and varieties of birch, do not hesitate to contact your nurseryman to find out which one is the most suitable for your climate.

European white birch or Betula pubescens. Vigorous tree with a slender habit. Often planted in sets of 3 or 4 or as a clump. Its height is usually 10 to 15 m but it can go up to 25 m.

Silver birch or Betula pendula, syn. B. verrucosa, its size can reach 25 m high with long kittens. It is particularly found in parks and gardens

Birch tree or Betula pendula Fastigiata ’, its columnar port allows it to be appreciated for curtain creation. We can limit the height growth by a size generally limited to 8/10 m.

Weeping birch (Betula pendula ‘Tristis’) This birch is vigorous. It has an arrow that can go up to 12 m high as its secondary branches drop down.

Purple birch (Betula pendula ‘Purpurea’). It is usually planted in groups of 3. It is smaller than the others, its size is 5 to 6 m. Its dark purple foliage in spring and red in autumn will enchant you.

Himalayan birch (Betula utilis). Native to Asia, it adapts perfectly to harsh climates and altitude.

Its size is on average 12 to 15m.

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