Wild tulips

Wild tulips

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Besides the cultured tulip, we also know the "botanical tulip".

This tulip is especially suitable for the garden,

because the bulbs can remain in the ground after flowering, and come back again the following year!

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Wild tulips

Botanical tulips are also called wild tulips or dwarf tulips. This because of their small size. So they are very suitable to be planted in a flower bed. But also in rock gardens and special corners. The different species offer a real explosion of color in the garden or even in the pots.

Over the years, the botanical tulip has been crowned the bulb flower of the year several times. That says enough about its growing popularity! The bulbs are, with sizes of 6 to 10 cm, smaller than the bulbs of normal tulips, but easy to naturalize. The botanical tulip is not only a particularly beautiful flower, but can also be combined with other spring flowers.

You plant these remarkable tulips in the fall in a sunny spot, so you can enjoy a beautiful bloom from April to June. You can leave them where you planted them, so they will enchant you again the following year.

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