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Flower a balcony in the colors of autumn

Flower a balcony in the colors of autumn

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After the vegetal wonders of spring and summer, autumn arrives with its share of colorful blooms.

Show them off to brighten up your balconies and terraces!

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Japanese maples

Graphic foliage (more or less cut depending on the variety), shimmering and intense colors: Japanese maple is a tree that shows all its strengths in autumn especially, in spring also elsewhere.

Green, yellow, bright orange, purple… It is more and more popular in gardens and it is even adaptable to balconies. You only need to choose varieties that adapt well to a life in the tank, such asacer Palmatum Bloodgood, acer Palmatum Var or Senkaki.

Our favorite at Botanic: the acer Palmatum Bloodgood. 7 L. There are several sizes 60/80 cm. Price: 59 €.

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The viburnum tinus is a good companion to Japanese maple: pinkish-white, it emphasizes its color while playing the role of foil. Perennial and rustic, it is equally at home in hedges, in beds or balconies. It will appreciate a sunny location and rich, cool soil.

When it comes to shimmering shrubs, also think of parotia persica (or "iron tree") and theserviceberry.

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The foam

They give a little air of undergrowth to the balcony, bring a truly "natural" touch to a city dwelling: mosses, or rather perennial ground covers, such as Scleranthus uniflorus, Sagina subulata aurea and Raoulia australis, are worn very well in pots or planters, even combined in a single container.

Hardy, they need well-drained soil and a location in partial shade, sheltered from the wind. Even place them at the foot of a maple tree for a very Japanese atmosphere!


Graphic and original, they will perfectly complement the plant decoration of a balcony in autumn: sedge, ophiopogon, cordyline, heuchère… A palette of bright or dark colors, dazzling or discreet, but always very natural. Also add cotoneaster, whose red berries are very decorative.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Visual credits: Botanic 1, 2 and acer Palmatum Bloodgood: © Botanic / Arnaud Childéric Japanese maple: © Delphotostock - Mousse © Schwoab

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