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Véronique: a pretty herbaceous flower

Véronique: a pretty herbaceous flower

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Speedwell is a pretty herbaceous perennial that can live like an annual depending on the climate.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Veronica spp.
Family : Scrophulaceae
Type: Perennial

: 50 cm to 1m
Ground : Normal
Exposure : Sunny

Foliage: semi-persistent -Flowering : From April to September

Its flowering is much appreciated, while the maintenance requires only a little care.

Planting speedwell

The planting of the speedwell takes place preferably in the spring at a rate of 5 to 10 feet per m2 in order to give a beautiful bushy effect.

  • She likes rather sunny situations to flourish well
  • It tolerates all types of soil but appreciates when they are rather light and well drained.
  • Speedwell does not need too rich soil and grows even in fairly dry soils.

You can multiply the plant by dividing the tuft in the fall or spring.

Maintenance of speedwell

Veronica a flower that does not ask no particular maintenance if it may not be to be watered in case of drought prolonged, especially if grown in pots.

  • Cut the faded flowers as they go: this operation can only encourage the appearance of new flowers
  • If you cut back the wilted stems well as you go, and down to the ground, you should have a new bloom in the fall.

Good to know about speedwell

Véronique is bushy and very interesting in particular for its generous flowering which, depending on the species, ranges from light blue to dark blue, including carmine pink and white.

It is also found in shrub form, the shrubby speedwell is certainly one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs.

Its Latin name, veronica, comes from latin vera which means true in the authentic sense. This is also what we can remember from this beautiful flower offering authenticity.

Particularly melliferous, it provides nectar to bees from spring to late summer.

Smart tip on speedwell

It is recommended to water in hot weather.

Evening watering limits evaporation and therefore helps to save water.

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