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Lagerstroemia: a very ornamental tree

Lagerstroemia: a very ornamental tree

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Lagerstroemia is a beautiful shrub that blooms all summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lagerstroemia indica
Family : Lythraceae

: 3 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Obsolete
Flowering : May to October

Here are the maintenance procedures that will help your lagerstroemia bloom and grow.

Planting lagerstroemia

Lagerstroemia is found in shrub, half-stem or stem form, which in the latter case gives the impression of a small tree.

It is recommended to plant in the fall to promote rooting, but you can also plant until spring, outside of frost periods.

In the colder regions we will thus prefer a spring planting while elsewhere we rather plant in autumn, after the leaves have fallen.

  • Prefer a sheltered place and especially largely sunny
  • Its growth is relatively slow
  • Follow our planting tips.

The culture ofpotted lagerstroemia is quite possible, especially in areas with harsh winters, which will allow you to protect them in winter.

Pruning, maintenance of lagerstroemia

Rather at the end of winter, preferably in March, a little before or after depending on the climate (after heavy frosts of course)

  • Trim short branches of the previous year to promote the next flowering.
  • Then delete the branches that cross, making sure to leave those that go outwards and eliminate those facing the inside of the shrub.

Prune the branches that grew the previous year leaving only a few centimeters while making sure leave a bud facing outwards of the shrub.

  • This helps to keep a beautiful silhouette.

To know about lagerstroemia

Lagerstroemia is a small tree with generous and abundant flowering, it is remarkable during all summer thanks to its magnificent clusters of bright colors.

Its flowering lasts a long time and can even remain on lagerstroemia until the first frosts.

In autumn, it is a superb leaf tinged with red, yellow and orange that is revealed.

Winter, when it has lost its leaves, you will discover a very beautiful marbled blue gray trunk like the plane tree.

  • Put at his foot a mulching in order to protect its roots from the cold.
  • Grow it in a pot and shelter it from frost if the temperatures drop below -10 °

Smart tip

During the hot summer months, water regularly in the evening, but without excess.

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