Coronavirus and gardening: authorized activities

Coronavirus and gardening: authorized activities

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The coronavirus crisis does not prevent you from going out into the garden and taking care of your plants, quite the contrary.

It's even a great way to keep busy during the government lockdown.

However, this entails some adaptations ...

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What to do in the garden during the coronavirus crisis?

The soil is still wet and weeds have grown a lot lately.

Weeds :

This is the perfect time to pull them out.

The loose soil allows easy lifting.

Containment offers time, so it's the perfect opportunity to weed your garden without using chemicals, just with your hands.

Notes : For best results, remove the entire root system.

Renovate your lawn:

Spring is the best time of year to renovate your lawn.

After taking the time to remove all the weeds, here are our tips for renovating an old lawn.

You have the right to mow your lawn or your lawn despite the coronavirus.

Pruning work:

You can still prune your roses if you haven't.

You can also prune any shrubs that are still deciduous.

Finally, this is also a period when you can prune the deciduous hedges.

Indeed, the LPO "advises not to prune hedges or prune trees between March and the end of July so that the birds can carry out their nests" (cf.

This is also a good time to cut back your grasses, prune your boxwood and other small shrubs.

Gardening work month by month:

Finally, here is everything you can do in the garden in March, in the garden in April and in the garden in May.

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Smart tip

Involve the children in gardening work, this is a great activity and it helps to pass the time

Family gardens, rented plots and coronavirus

As the mayor of Amiens recalled in the Courrier Picard, Brigitte Fouré. It is possible toget out of your house to get some fresh air by going around the block, but that's it; you cannot go to the allotment gardens, they are not places of containment. »

This amounts to saying that it is not possible to visit the shared gardens, commonly known as the "family garden", whether it is rented to the town hall or to an individual.

Closure of recycling centers during the coronavirus

All recycling centers in France are closed until further notice.

It is therefore impossible to remove mowing waste or weeds.

This is your chance to compost it all or make it if you don't have it.

Opening of garden centers during the coronavirus

If some garden centers are allowed to open, it is because they sell food for animals. They are only able to sell food items for pets.

Some brands like Truffaut have decided to close their stores until further notice for health reasons.

Buying plants and soil during the coronavirus

Garden centers, nurseries and other horticultural stores are no longer able to sell plants, trees and shrubs, roses and other plants in store.

It is possible to buy potting soil in supermarkets, almost all supermarkets sell it.

Many supermarkets also sell plants.

Regarding seeds and small seeds, online purchase is still allowed until further notice, delivery is often longer due to the situation.

We can therefore buy plants via the Internet.

Canceled plant parties

All plant festivals are canceled on French territory until further notice

Smart tip

Even if you are at home and outdoors, you should keep your distance from your neighbors, even if the garden is adjoining.

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