Stuffed tomatoes, a treat!

Stuffed tomatoes, a treat!

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The stuffed tomatoes arrive just in time, with nice, big, fleshy tomatoes.

Ingredients for 6 to 8 people:

  • 8 beautiful and fat tomatoes
  • 500 g of meat (sausage meat or ground beef)
  • 1 beautiful onion
  • 2 podsgarlic
  • 1 bunch of parsley orbasil (or both)
  • Sandwich bread or raci bread
  • 1 egg
  • Olive oil
  • Salt pepper

As good the same day as warmed up, here is the recipe for stuffed tomatoes.

Stuffed tomato recipe

The success of the stuffed tomato recipe lies above all in the choice of tomatoes, which must be of good size, and in the cooking, which must be long enough but not too strong.

Start by turning on the oven at 180 °

  • Wash the tomatoes
  • Cut off the top of each tomato, keeping the stalk
  • Gently remove the flesh from the tomato with a teaspoon
  • Peel then chop the garlic and onion
  • Chop the parsley or basil
  • Crumble the bread (you can use any type of bread, even a good seed bread)

In a large bowl,

Mix the meat with all the ingredients, then add a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.

  • Garnish each tomato with this preparation
  • Cover with the hat
  • If necessary, sprinkle a few button mushrooms cut in 4 on top, it looks good.
  • Bake for 1 hour

Cooking is long but it allows tomatoes to soak up the flesh while taking a slightly candied appearance.

In a saucepan you can use the flesh of tomatoes by cooking it for 20 minutes over low heat and covered.

At the end of these 20 minutes, you add 1 tbsp of tomato paste then you mix everything to serve as side sauce with rice for example.

Enjoy your meal !

Smart tip about stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes are usually best reheated, when the tomato meat has had time to confuse.

If you prepare them the day before, it is best to keep them in the refrigerator and reheat them in the oven, covering them with aluminum foil so that they do not dry out.

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