Different kinds of palm trees that produces fruit

Different kinds of palm trees that produces fruit

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When you think of palm tree fruit, you probably only think of a coconut or maybe dates. Did you know that wax, oil , jelly and wine are also produced from their fruits. Not all kinds of palm fruit are edible. It really does depend on what kind of palm it comes from. The Foxtail palm's fruit is toxic to us and the every part of the sago palm is poisonous to us and animals. You have probably eaten many dates in your lifetime, but l bet you never thought much about where they came from.

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80 Popular Types of Palm Plants

Dan Charles. Methuselah, the first date palm tree grown from ancient seeds, in a photo taken inGuy Eisner hide caption. The world's most remarkable date palm trees might not exist if Sarah Sallon hadn't gotten sick while working as a doctor in India inAntibiotics didn't help. What cured here, she thinks, were some traditional herbal remedies.

It was so incredible," she says. There's nothing like a doctor cured of their problem to get them interested in something. When she moved back home to Israel, to her job at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, she went looking for medicinal plants there.

And she found lots of them. But she also heard about ancient medicinal plants that had disappeared. They're not there anymore. They just vanished! Sallon realized, though, that seeds from those trees still existed. They'd been recovered from archaeological sites. So she went to the archaeologists and proposed planting some of those seeds, to see if they'd grow again.

It didn't go well at first. But she kept pushing, and eventually persuaded a few of them to provide some seeds to try this with. More than a decade ago, she and Elaine Solowey , a researcher at the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies, planted some of these ancient palm seeds. One tree grew. They named it Methuselah. But Methuselah had a problem.

Date trees are a little unusual. They're either male or female; each tree makes either pollen or fertile flowers. But it takes both to produce fruit. So Methuselah by himself couldn't re-create those ancient dates. But then Sallon found another archaeologist who had recovered a whole trove of date seeds from Qumran, where the ancient texts known as the Dead Sea scrolls had been discovered.

This week, in the journal Science Advances , Sallon and her colleagues announced that they'd grown another six trees from some of these ancient seeds. Two of them are female.

The female trees haven't flowered yet, but Sallon is hoping that it might happen this year. If one of them does, researchers will take pollen from Methuselah, fertilize those flowers, and wait for fruit to form: dates just like the ones that people in the Bible ate. When Sallon talks about this possibility, her voice fills with wonder and expectation. According to ancient writers, she says, these dates "were known for their wonderful sweetness, their very large size, and their ability to be stored for a long time, so they actually were exported around the Roman empire.

Now they may live again, which Sallon takes as a sign of hope for the world. She's written a children's book about this, telling the story from the date's point of view, and hopes to get it published soon. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. Those trees might soon produce fruit, re-creating the taste of antiquity. Food For Thought. Dates Like Jesus Ate? Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. February 6, PM ET. Heard on All Things Considered.

Enlarge this image. Guy Eisner.

How Do Palm Trees Reproduce?

As common as palm trees are in Phoenix, you would think that they are native to Arizona — at least a few of them, right? The Washington filifera also known as the California fan palm, petticoat palm, or desert palm is truly a native palm tree. And it can only be found on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. But, just like a lot of the people, they migrated here — and are flourishing. Numerous species of the palm tree thrive in Phoenix.

Most species of palm trees will produce flowers and seeds and do this on a yearly basis. The time it takes for flowering and seed production is variable.

10 Main Types of Palm Trees from Around the World (Plus Fun Facts About Palm Trees!)

Along the beach, in the humid warmth of a dense forest, swaying in a vivid hammock daydream — palms are an evocative and distinct family of plants. The world of palm trees is as dense and alive as the forests in which these flowering shrubs and trees can be found growing. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the origins and history of palm trees, detail a number of species and varieties, and recommend ways to best take care of these luscious plants in your home or garden — even if you live far away from the equator. The botanical name for the family of palms is Aracaceae, in the order Aracales. Palms can grow and spread in a variety of ways — as trees, shrubs, climbers. Today, we know of about 2, species of palms. Most of the time, palms grow in tropical or subtropical environments. They are vibrant evergreens in their indigenous zones. Palms are widely distributed around the globe. They are also a hugely important plant due to their diverse uses.

Different Types of Palm Trees (And Palm Tree Varieties)

Apple trees produce apples, cherry trees produce cherries and palm trees produce Not exactly. Palm tree fruits are named a bit differently. The University of Hawaii at Manoa Department of Botany explains that palm trees belong to the Arecaceae plants palmae family, which has 3, species. These are characterized by large, palm-shaped leaves with tubular sheaths the end of the stem, called a petiole , which may split open at maturity, and small flowers, according to the University of Florida Gardening Solutions and Montgomery Botanical Center.

Last Updated on September 17, by Grow with Bovees. And since palm trees produce coconuts, most people assume that a coconut tree and a palm tree are the same.

9 Types of Palm Trees That Thrive in Warm and Sunny Climates

I love, love, love palm trees. Probably because it reminds me of warm, tropical vacations. Sadly, I live in a temperate climate where palm trees don't grow - but the plus side is it's a treat to see when when I go somewhere tropical. To that end, here's our list of the most common types of palm trees found around the world. They grow in warm regions. There are about 2, species worldwide.

Dates Like Jesus Ate? Scientists Revive Ancient Trees From 2,000-Year-Old Seeds

First, palm trees: belonging to the plant family Arecaceae , palm trees are actually a group of over genera, or groupings, composed of around individual species of tree or shrub. The plant family is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Palmaceae, and while palms grow naturally in both hemispheres and can be found from the Mediterranean to New Zealand, their presence is largely confined to tropical regions. Palms trees can range in size from a few feet tall for smaller palm bushes grown as houseplants and those grown in gardens far from their native habitats to feet high or so for the average tropical palm tree. Or to an astonishing feet 60 meters tall for the endangered wax palms of Cocora Valley, Columbia! The coconut tree, or Cocos nucifera to be precise, is a member of the palm family.

Florida has many palm trees too, but the dates grow during the rainy Date palm offsets will not be mature and ready to produce fruit for.

Tropical islands, remote jungles, desert oases, and Miami have a common visual: palm trees. In tropical and subtropical regions around the world, palms are familiar and useful plants. People have used the trees for food, fuel, and fiber since the dawn of time, plus palm trees look great in vacation photos or in a backyard oasis. But, with so many types of palm trees in the world, you might not have thought of actually growing one , or you might have wondered what type of palm tree to choose.

Palm fruits can be juicy, sweet, and exotic or tropical types of fruit. There are many varieties of palms, each providing a unique type of palm fruit. The most recognizable types of palm fruits are dates and coconuts. Some other varieties of edible fruit from palm trees can be round black berries, brown oval drupes, or dark red to orange clusters of sticky fruits. This article is a complete guide to 12 types of edible palm fruits.

The African oil palm Elaeis guineensis is a monoecious species of the palm subfamily Arecoideae. In particular, the enhancement of male inflorescence production in response to water stress has been well documented.

Phoenix dactylifera is a palm with a long and interesting history. Its origin goes back to ancient times, well before written history. It is a member of the genus Phoenix, which contains about one dozen species of palms. Although other species in this genus produce fruits that are eaten by birds and other animals, Phoenix dactylifera is the only Phoenix species cultivated for its fruit. The date palm is the characteristic vegetation found in the oases of arid areas in the Middle East.

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Palm trees are plentiful in Florida, especially in the southern part of the state. In addition to adding beauty and structure to landscapes, some palm trees bear edible fruits. Dates are the most popular of the palm tree fruits, but several other varieties of palms also bear delicious fruits.

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