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Hamilton quote plant a garden

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Hamilton quote plant a garden, these people are covered by the gardens — by being covered — by the girl who has washed all her clothes in the river. She is the river, the others are covered by it. Then there is a good man who sits on the balcony at 3:30 and smokes a cigarette. A little girl who is always sick, which is why I think she is to be married (1948) (209).

Perhaps this is why she describes her younger sister, played by the comedian Maureen Pryor, as her favourite character in the book. She is a lovely girl, and so 'part of me'. Both Quill and the younger Bracken have the same responsibility of being 'part of me'.

1957. September

_Look Up_

The girl is looking up to the sky, there are little stars everywhere in the sky. I love the way she likes to see the stars — from the back garden window of her house. She likes to see where they are and to remember them by their names. She has named all the stars she can remember. She remembers a long time ago when her mother and father gave her a birthday present, a birthday card with the birthday of the Saint there, and the stars in the sky and a tree with a chubby baby. 'I know,' she says, 'I still remember it.' (214)

As she speaks, her younger sister turns over in her bed and draws closer to her. Her mother gets up and calls:

She will stay here and she will not go away again, and she will not stay up there again. The sky is hers, and there are trees everywhere. (214)

Later Bracken returns from the chemist. He has seen his name in _The Economist_.

In the morning when the girl gets up she sees the clock, which is slowly turning backwards, and she sees her mother getting up. Her mother is leaving the house. She is going to the office, to see her father's office. She opens the window and looks outside. The sun is still sitting on the kitchen table, the sun is still shining. She thinks, 'I will look outside the back door.' She will look outside the back door and she will see her mother go to the office. She will watch her mother go to the office and she will look up to the sky again. She will remember the stars. (215)

Bracken waits for the girl in his car. He has a hat on and a scarf.

Soon after Bracken has driven the car away the girl closes her eyes and listens to the last song on the gramophone. Then she moves her shoulders and sits up in her bed.

There is a man walking in the gardens, and a boy and a girl and another man and another woman. They are all in the gardens. And soon, they all sit down to eat. A woman is eating with them, and they all look down at her. She is eating with them. (215)

And then:

'I will be in the car,' she says. 'I won't be in the garden today.' 'Very well,' the man says. 'I have been in the garden all morning.' 'No, you haven't,' the boy says. 'I have been there every day.' 'No, you have not,' the girl says. 'I have been there every day for a month.' (215)

This all occurs 'in a little house in Great Scotland Street'. 'I have been in Great Scotland Street,' the girl says. 'I have seen a tall man coming towards the house.' 'Yes,' her mother says, 'I know.' 'I have seen him come up to the house for two hours. I know what he has been doing.' 'I know,' her mother says, 'but it was a long time ago.' 'Yes,' the girl says, 'a long time ago, but he never goes away.' 'You're imagining things,' her mother says. 'No, I'm not imagining things,' the girl says, 'he has never gone away yet.' 'He'll be going away this afternoon,' her mother says. 'He is going away this afternoon.' 'He has never gone away before,' the girl says. 'He has never gone away before.' (216)

Bracken returns to his home in the south. He is playing his trumpet, and is lying on a white pillow and seeing the sky through the bedroom window. The girl comes home and he says to her:

'I have been sitting in my house, I have been sitting in my room. I have been writing. The wind is blowing in my room, I cannot hear it blowing. The girls are having a bath. I have been listening to the wind.' (216)

'But that man goes away in the afternoon, don't he?'

'He has never gone away before.'

'And I never thought you imagined things. But I am going out for a walk and I'll meet you in St James's Park and I'll go down and look at the stars again.' (216)

Bracken goes to a band practice. He drives his car out to the sound of music, and into the sound of music. He finds himself 'in a crowd of people'. People look at his car and ask where he is going, and he tells them. One woman says:

'Have you heard of that girl who lives at number four Great Scotland Street?'

'No,' he says, 'I have never heard of her.' (217)

He stops by a branch of the River Thames. There is no bridge, and he stops his car near the stone stairway with water at the top of it.Then there is a road at the back of him, and he is turning right on to it. He thinks the people are going up and down the stairs in the city, but that is not it, he is turning right, and that is the road. He thinks about things, and thinks about how his sister is taking the bus to the hospital, and his wife is taking the

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